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The nights are cooler, the daylight hours are getting shorter and we are well into the first semester of the 2016-17 school year. As I walk through the schools, it is such a joy for me to see the classrooms in full swing and students learning from their instructors and each other.  A favorite book of mine is The Innovator’s DNA (Dyer, Gregersen & Christensen, 2011).  In fact, it is a book I use to teach to graduate level students of Education.  The essence of this book is that creativity is something that can be cultivated, that certain learned behavioral skills can “catalyze innovative ideas” (Dyer, Gregersen & Christensen, 2011, p. 21). The authors, Dyer, Gregersen & Christensen (2011), studied several current innovators and found that every innovator learned skills from role models who made it “safe as well as exciting to discover new ways of doing things” (p. 22). Every week I see CAM teachers, principals and other staff encouraging our kids to use their minds, to think through problems and to work through situations creatively, teaching them skills that will help them as they move to the next step in their educations and lives.  The CAM District #21 philosophy says:

Every Central A&M student has the opportunity to develop skills necessary to achieve success and become a productive member of society. Highly skilled and dedicated staff provides a quality education in an environment that reflects the values, needs and standards of the community. Central A&M, together with parents and community will instill a desire for life-long learning.

This philosophy will help us achieve our mission of “empowering and celebrating excellence in each of our students.”

Central A&M will continue to partner with you as parents, working together as we help all of our students grow academically, socially, emotionally and as quality citizens of the local and global community.  It is together as community, parents and educators, that we can continue the legacy and tradition of Central A&M; a top-notch education for our young citizens.


Dyer, J., Gregersen, H., Christensen, C.M. (2011). The Innovator’s DNA. Boston, MA:

Harvard Business Review Press.

School District 21 encompasses the communities of Assumption and Moweaqua, which are located in the counties of Christian, Shelby, and Macon in Central Illinois. Both are rural/farming communities with 99% white cultural /ethnic background. Attributes for both Assumption and Moweaqua include: pride in the community, strong support of school activities, strong intergovernmental cooperation (including school district), and low crime rates. Both communities also have thriving public libraries and strong bonds with local community colleges.

Central A&M Community Unit District 21 provides and maintains an instructional programs for kindergarten (K) through grade twelve (12)  for all students residing within the geographical boundaries of 176 square miles. Our K-12 student population is 850 students. Our district consists of Bond Elementary in Assumption (k-2), Gregory Intermediate in Moweaqua (3-5), Middle School in Assumption (6-8), High School in Moweaqua (9-12), and Kemmerer Village in Assumption.